Radon: reality and remediation

Got radon? Actually, you do. It’s right there in the air you’re breathing right now. In fact, if you live on planet earth, you have breathing some level of radon since you were born. But how much is OK? How much is too much? How have the scientists arrived at what is “safe” and what is not? What can you do about reducing your radon exposure, and how does your radon risk compare with other risks?

Got questions? The Home Medic has a few answers for you.

Like so many other home related issues, radon can follow the $10/$10,000 rule: if you do the right things when you should, it’s much less of an issue. If not, things can get much more problematic. Keep your money in your wallet and your family out of the hospital. Learn how to become master of your mansion – even if your mansion is just a cave in the granite mountains.

DIY stuff you’ll need

Radon test kit
Radon monitor
Radon fan (for use with mitigation)
Sealant materials


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