Mold in your manor

Got mold? Chances are you might have more of it than you think. Do you know how much you have? What are the different kinds of mold, and why does mold cause problems? What causes mold and how can you get rid of it? What simple steps can you take to minimize mold in your home? What are the tips and tricks – and what are the traps?

Like so many other home related issues,¬†mold related issues¬†follow the $10/$10,000 rule: if you do the right things when you should, it’s easy and cheap. If not, things can get costly – and dangerous. Keep your money in your wallet and your family out of the hospital. Learn how to become master of your mansion – even if your mansion is just an RV in the desert.

DIY stuff you’ll need

Mold cleaners
Mold testing
Breathing protection


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