Mice: hantavirus in your haven

Nobody loves mice. They get into your walls, into your attic, and into your kitchen. They bring diseases and destroy your food. They’re sneaky and creepy, and belong in a snake den. If just their creepy mouseness wasn’t enough, the feces can contain the hantavirus – that’s deadly.

Do you have mice? Probably. Do you know how to keep mice out of your home? Maybe not. Learn what mice are looking for in your home, and what simple steps you can take to disinvite them permanently. Learn the tips, tricks and traps to making your manor mouse-free.

Keep your money in your wallet and your family out of the hospital. Make yourself master of your mansion – with just a little bit of help from The Home Medic.

DIY stuff you’ll need

Mouse bait
Mouse traps
Mouse repellent
Dryer vent covers


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