Fire systems and prevention

At first thought, we would all say that we don’t need any fires in our home, but flames regularly happen in the furnace, in the clothes dryer, in the fireplace, and perhaps even on the stove. Fire can be very helpful and even beautiful, but they pretty much need to stay where they belong.

Fires in the rest of the house? They’re less welcome. Learn the simple tips, tricks and traps toward fire safety and fire prevention.

Like so many other home related issues, fireplaces follow the $10/$10,000 rule: if you do the right things when you should, things are easy and inexpensive. If not, things can get costly – and dangerous. Keep your money in your wallet and your family out of the hospital. Learn how to become master of your mansion – even if your mansion is just a lean-to in the forest.

DIY stuff you’ll need

Smoke alarms – interconnected
Smoke alarms – wireless
Fire escape ladder
Fire blanket
Fire extinguisher
Fire safe
Fire manuals


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