Electrical systems:
Convenient current or collision course?

Electrical systems – you must have your own, but if yours is not right your family is at risk. Sometimes home owners make the very mistaken assumption that if it works, it’s safe. That assumption may hold true – until a member of your family gets electrocuted.

There are any number of ways that the wiring and plugs in your home may be improper or unsafe. Short of hiring an inspector to come look at it, you can learn much by listening to this podcast. Learn what to look for, when to say “uh-oh”, and what to do about it.

Like so many other home related issues, electrical issues follow the $10/$10,000 rule: if you do the right things when you should, it’s easy and inexpensive. If not, things can get costly – and dangerous. Keep your money in your wallet and your family out of the hospital. Learn how to become master of your mansion – even if your mansion is just an ice hut on a frozen lake.


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