Central air and swamp coolers

It’s August, and your family is dripping sweat. The mattress smells like a boys gym, and the dog smells better than the living room couch. You’ve been thinking it might be time to invest in a cooling system. What should you get? What works best for the area you’re in? Maybe you already have a central air unit or swamp cooler in your home but your cooling bill is making you sweat instead.

Like so many other home related issues, cooling issues follow the $10/$10,000 rule: if you do the right things when you should, things are easier and less expensive. If not, things can get costly – and dangerous. Keep your money in your wallet and your family out of the hospital. Learn how to become master of your mansion – even if your mansion is just a teepee in the forest.

You might even learn enough to make your home smell better while you’re at it.


DIY stuff you’ll need

Central air conditioner units
Central air cover
Swamp cooler
Swamp cooler pads
Swamp cooler parts
Swamp cooler cover


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