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Garth Haslem graduated from BYU with a civil engineering degree in 1984 and a master’s degree in 1985. He worked in the environmental and construction engineering sectors for eight years, then started his business as a home inspector in 1993. Back then, there were few home inspectors, and even less guidance as to what a home inspection should be. Since that time, many have entered and left the home inspection business. Garth found that those who truly serve tend to be more successful. 

As a licensed civil and structural engineer, Garth had a competitive advantage in the inspection field.  Garth found the inspection business to be a good match, as he gets to wear Levis and comfortable shoes, work outside of a cubicle, and not report to a boss – other than his wife.

During one of his inspections, Garth met an individual who works for Deseret Media, who recommended that he write articles on his experiences. Since that time Garth has become one of the most successful non-employee writers for, Deseret News, and other news outlets. He has published over 40 stories with a total
of over 450,000 clicks.

Since 1993, Garth has learned that in most home related issues, the homeowner has a choice: do the right thing now and the cost of the task generally is easy to bear. He calls that The $10 Fix. On the other hand, when a homeowner doesn’t know what to do, or doesn’t do the right thing, the repair can be more like $10,000. That’s The $10,000 fix. Sometimes the cost of the $10,000 fix can be much greater. It cost one of his friends over $500,000. For others, the price can be a trip to the hospital – and sometimes it can be the morgue. These are the items that Garth
covers in this web site.


Heidi Hanseen has been a friend since she and Garth were both in junior high. Heidi was the school cool girl, Garth was the school nerd. They graduated a long time ago – nothing else has changed.

Heidi is a mom, an author, a radio talk show host, and an awesome contributor to the Home Medic podcast series. She represents the minds, thoughts and voice of listeners everywhere, and she is the icing on the very bland cake that the Home Medic would be without her. Her awesomeness and talent are readily obvious – and she makes Garth look better simply by osmosis.


Makay Tautu is a wife and mom, a very successful person in multiple ventures, and a person whose soul goes 1000 miles deep. Garth knows her as a former captain to a successful business in modest swim suits,  an MLM rock star, future CEO of a company called SOUL (stay tuned, it’s awesome), and the voice of happiness. A dose of Makay can turn any dreary podcast into a slice of audio dessert – but with no calories. She is like the Mary Poppins of podcasting – she helps the medicine go down in a most delightful way.

Oh – and one other thing. Her husband Pele is the coolest thing this side of Hawai’i. It’s an honor for anyone to know this family.